“Take the fear out of change.”

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Udo Jahn

Hi I'm Udo

I may like cheap wine, but I don’t like cheap business decisions. I tell it like it is. In life. In business. In manufacturing. After working in the manufacturing sector for over 40 years, I have developed a keen eye. It has provided me with a unique understanding of why businesses fail and close, and why businesses succeed and grow. I’ve been known to say there are 3 things a manufacturing business needs to be successful: skill development, innovation, and automation. But there is a lot more to it than that.


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Top 3 Sawmill Equipment Video Sources

After a quick review of the main sawmill equipment manufacturers, there’s definitely a leader in the area of video galleries.


Keynote speeches, or rants as I like to call them, should be full of information that will help make your business successful. I want to help you, but first you should see what I can offer you. Check out my latest videos and keynote speeches.


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What people are saying about udo


Chris McDonald

Manufacturing Leader, Ideon Packaging

“As an employee of Modern Engineering, I was privileged to witness the inner workings of a truly amazing machine shop. Udo and his team have all the needed systems in place to deliver complex components with a high degree of excellence, creativity and professionalism.”


Patrick Wong

I.S.M. International Systemap Corp., Owner

“Udo could translate my engineering ideas into practical prototypes then cut cost in manufacturing…I would talk to Udo first if I have a new product idea.”


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